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Clean Hoist

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As we know, an electric hoist working environment sometimes is very dirty and unsanitary. While this electric hoist is a clean type electric hoist reaching food grade, which is for the requirement of clean and sanitary production.


This food grade hoist can be used alone running on an I beam or fitted on a trolley traveling on double girders for large capacity lifting. It can be used in the following fields: Bioengineering, Medical Devices, Micro Electronics and Food processing, etc.

Henan Mine clean hoist

Features of Food Grade Electric Hoist:

1. Stainless steel hook with European style design.

2. Protective sleeve for the chain, telescope freely.

3. Overall die casting of shell with light weight, good strength and excellent heat dissipation.

4. Motor is with invisible design and less size.

5. Wheel is with horizontal guide and precise positioning.

6. Driven by three-in-one reducer without bacteria, greasing with food grade gear oil and less noise.

7. Driving wheel is made of high light engineering plastic, counter pressure closed drive, wear-resisting, dust-free.

8. Clean, no dust, and anti-static, beautiful looking.

9. Chrome plated transmission parts, no absorption dust.

10. Stainless steel trolley with good strength.

11. Lifting mechanism with clean type chain hoist.

Henan Mine Clean Hoist

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