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Chairman of Xinxiang CPPCC visited the mine intelligent industrial park

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On March 24th, Xinxiang CPPCC Chairman Wang Xinjun and his party visited the company's intelligent industrial park for investigation and research. Lu Yukui, chairman of the Changyuan CPPCC, and Li Lianhe, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Nanpu Sub-district, accompanied the investigation. Feng Shuangyang, general manager of the mine, reported the work.


Feng Shuangyang made a report on the overall development of the company, and focused on the main achievements of the company's production research and development, product innovation and future development plans.


During the investigation, Wang Xinjun looked at production and asked about management. He expressed his appreciation for the company's adherence to crane technology innovation and accelerated transformation and upgrading. He hoped that Henan Mining would aim at international standards and the forefront of technology, strengthen innovation-driven, and become a leader in the intelligent transformation and upgrading of the lifting equipment manufacturing industry. At the same time, it is hoped that Henan Mining will continue to give full play to its own advantages and corporate characteristics, lengthen the industrial chain, create a competitive advantage in the whole value chain of the crane industry, and realize the development of the enterprise from strong to refined and high-quality.

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