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CE Approved Floor Mounted Jib Crane


CE Approved floor mounted Jib Crane, also called pillar jib crane, are extremely versatile units which can easily be adapted to the customers specific requirements. For example, pillar jib crane can be mounted in any position. Electric wire rope or chain hoists are available as options, as are electric hoist travel and electric slewing gear.

henan mine floor mounted jib crane

Construction and Design : According to I.S.807 and I.S. 3177

Column: We apply pipes or rolled steel sectionsin construction

Jib Arm : To reduce deflection,construction should be done in the reasonable manner

Swivel: There are two ways to realizeswivel, namely by chain or by cranking with hands, and the chain usually locateat the end of jib arm. As for pillar jib crane, swiveling can be driven byelectrical mechanism.

Plates : To reinforce column's rigidity, thebase plates and mild steel gusset plate are used, and the thick base plates need7-8 holding down bolts during the drilling.

Bearings : For vertical, horizontal andradial loadings, the self-aligned bearings are used, which include types forthrust and double roller types.

Mast : Pipe or Rolled Steel Sections are used in construction

It has two types Jib crane: BZ model (light medium) and BZD model (heavy duty medium)

It can be used to match with single or double speed electric hoist and chain hoist.

Pillar jib crane suitable to work in the dock, warehouse, workshop etc.

Fixed working conditions.Free standingjib crane increase in autonomy and effectiveness of each work station.

It is superior in the cases of short distance concentrated lifting.

It has characteristics of unique structure, safe and reliable operation, high efficiency, energy-saving ,doesn't take up much space but allow transporting goods on a three-dimensional plane.

Capacity: 0. 5t-15t

Arm length: 2m-12m

Lifting height: 0. 5m-10m

Rotation: 180, 270, 360 degree

Fully customized solutionsare available ahead standard configurations.


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