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Building a dream, starting a smart future, the foundation of the Henan Kuangshan Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park project.

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On the morning of December 24, 2018, the colorful flags fluttered in the industrial gathering area of Changchun County. More than 100 congratulations were held in the wind,and dozens of excavators were ready to be installed. The groundbreaking ceremony for the “Henan Kuangshan Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park Project” was held here.

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     Qin Baojian, Secretary of Changyuan County Party Committee, Zhao Junwei, Deputy Secretary of county Party committee, acting County head, Song Taijun, director of Management Committee of industrial agglomeration area, Fan Wenqing, County Committee and subprefect, deputy director of industrial agglomeration area and Secretary of Nanpu Party and Labor Committee jointly attended the founding ceremony.The main responsible comrades of the county party committee office, the government office, the development and reform commission, the planning bureau, the land and resources bureau, the housing construction bureau, the science and technology trust committee, the supervision bureau, the Nanpu street and other departments, and the founder of the Henan Kuangshan, party secretary Cui Peijun, and chairman Wei Xueming, President Yue Xiangbin and general manager Ren Haitao attended the groundbreaking ceremony.

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    The project is located in the industrial cluster area of Changchun County, the project plans to use 80 hectare of land and the total construction area is 740,000 square meters. The estimated total investment is 2.6 billion yuan, of which 160,000 square meters of standardized workshop will become the largest intelligent production workshop in Asia. It is a low-carbon, environmental protection and energy-saving project supported by the state. It is in line with China's development of smart equipment industry policy and has a promising market prospect. The project construction can promote China's emerging intelligent and clean lifting industry. After the project is completed and put into production, it can effectively promote the high-quality development of the crane industry and achieve good economic and social benefits.

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At 11:00 a.m., in the warm applause, Cui Peijun, founder and party secretary of Henan Kuangshan, delivered a speech at the groundbreaking ceremony and announced the official start of the groundbreaking ceremony.

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    The fireworks are colorful and the sound of the cannons is loud! The county party committee, the county government, the industrial cluster area management committee, the Nanpu Party working committee and the Henan Kuangshan leaders and comrades together laid the foundation for the ceremony, and the groundbreaking ceremony ended successfully!

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Today, the foundation stone is cultivated to show the development confidence; the Ming Dynasty Building stands tall and achieves great achievements. The “Foundation Ceremony of Henan Kuangshan Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park Project” was successfully held, marking that the dynamic “mineral source” brand will contribute to the “Made in China 2025” strong country strategy and make new contributions.

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Henan Kuangshan Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park will strive to become a smart manufacturing base for production automation, information synchronization, product specialization and service personalized lifting equipment! Reward the community's love for Henan Kuangshan with practical actions and achievements!

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