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700t|Henan Mine Assisted the Construction of Zhang Jinggao Yangtze River Bridge

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700t|Henan Mine Assisted the Construction of Zhang Jinggao Yangtze River Bridge

Recently, the 700t gantry crane manufactured by our company for the steel tower construction project of the Zhangjinggao Yangtze River Bridge successfully passed the type test and became the second bridge construction in Henan Province after the Jianzhou Bridge, Changtai Yangtze River Bridge, and Ma'anshan Yangtze River Highway and Railway Bridge. .

henan mine crane

As an important equipment supplier of this super project, many 700t and other high-quality cranes (sets) manufactured by Henan Mine are all used in the hoisting of bridge structures such as the main steel tower of the project, providing strong support for the construction of Zhangjinggao Yangtze River Bridge.

It is reported that the main tower of the bridge is 350 meters high, which is equivalent to the height of a 125-story building. It is the main tower on the water among the four main towers of the two waterway bridges of the Zhangjinggao Yangtze River Bridge. After completion, it will become the largest suspension bridge tower in the world.

henan mine crane

The crane of this project adopts modern computer technology, adopts domestic advanced configuration, new materials, and new technology to develop and produce. machine.

Technical advantages

01. The whole vehicle adopts PLC+frequency converter communication control, which makes the operation more stable, safe and reliable.

02. Synchronous control of multiple lifting points, automatic balance adjustment, energy saving and high efficiency, and improved lifting efficiency.

03. The whole vehicle adopts optical fiber communication, the signal has no interference, and the degree of integration is high.

04. Equipped with an automatic positioning system, it is more accurate and efficient, and meets the high standard requirements of bridge construction.

henan mine crane

In recent years, Henan Mine has become a "preferred brand" for major national projects such as bridges, military industry, and aerospace, relying on its excellent product quality, stable and reliable operating performance, and superior technical advantages. Henan Mine will always adhere to the quality concept of "Do what you want and make high-quality products", develop more high-quality products, and contribute more to the high-quality development of China's lifting industry.

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