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3D to see new products - Mine Intelligent Manufacturing!

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3D to see new products - Mine Intelligent Manufacturing!

Mine boutique, intelligent manufacturing upgrade

Digital empowerment, intelligent transformation

Henan Mine is based on the advantages of intelligent manufacturing innovation

digital transformation

custom design

Green production

Independently developed an intelligent truss robot


New products in the industry, really "smart" presentation!

henan mine intelligent truss robot

True "wisdom" insights, as you can see


Henan Mine's intelligent truss robot can be equipped with a variety of automatic spreaders, suitable for various working conditions in different industries, and has a high degree of customization.

henan mine intelligent truss robot


Automatic adjustment, intelligent planning path, precise and intelligent stacking of manipulators.

henan mine automatic adjustment


Rotating manipulator, flexible switching path, stable and safe, providing better support for automatic loading and unloading.

henan mine rotating manipulator


One robot can serve multiple CNC machining centers at the same time, and the processing position can be loaded accurately, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

henan mine intellgent truss robot


Rack and pinion drive, precise and smooth operation, intelligent avoidance of obstacles.

henan mine intelligent truss robot


Henan Mine intelligent truss robot

Intelligent, automated and unmanned production can be realized

henan mine intelligent truss robot

Smart smart manufacturing boutique strategy

Henan Mine

Will continue to give full play to the core advantages of intelligent manufacturing

With digitization, intelligence, greenization and customization

Independent research and development and production of more series of high-quality goods

Promoting the transformation and upgrading of the company from strong to refined

Empowering high-quality development of enterprises!

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