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2023 Henan Mine Quality Month Series Activities: Swearing-in Ceremony

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2023 Henan Mine Quality Month Series Activities: Swearing-in Ceremony

Quality Month activities fully launched

On March 31, the 2023 Henan Mine Quality Month Swearing-in Ceremony with the theme of "Three Improvements, One Zero, One Saving, Consolidating the Transformation and Upgrading from Strong to Fine" was held at the company headquarters and the Smart Industrial Park . The sonorous and powerful oath kicked off the "Quality Activity Month" of Henan Mine in 2023.

henan mine crane

The quality oath of the company headquarters

henan mine crane

The company's intelligent industrial park quality oath

Clank the oath, defend the quality

I am an honorable miner

It is my duty to create high-quality goods

for his own honor

For customer needs

For the development of the company

I solemnly swear:

Continuously strengthen quality awareness

Pay attention to details and change bad habits

Adhere to quality issues without compromise

Persist in quality awareness

Adhere to the quality means not to fall behind

Regard the quality of work as one's own character

with first-class work quality

Create first-class product quality

With our sincerity, care and sweat

Create a brilliant tomorrow for mines!

henan mine crane

Everyone is a quality inspector

During the "Quality Month" event in April this year, The whole company will focus on the overall goal of "full participation in quality management, comprehensive improvement of product and service quality", firmly establish the quality awareness of "quality first, customer first", and continuously improve the overall level of quality. At the same time, carry out four special competitions for welders, turners, assemblers, and exterior finishers; give cash rewards to outstanding front-line employees every week; organize technical key points and personnel skills training; Set up a suggestion box, solicit user opinions, etc., through the above series of activities, improve the overall quality of the product, Vigorously create a good atmosphere of "everyone is a quality inspector", improve the quality of all employees, the whole process, and all aspects, and fully promote the "Quality Month" activity to achieve actual results.

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